Nurses March With 100,000 in London For Truth And Freedom

This co-editor attended the huge protest in London yesterday (April 24th 2021) against the Lockdown, vaccine passports, masks – all restrictions, in fact – and the experimental jab itself. The day was bright sunshine, music, laughter and above all, solidarity.

In our own communities we may be outnumbered by the unawakened and it’s easy to feel isolated and depressed, but in a crowd of at least 100,000 people who all share your viewpoint it’s a real shot in arm – pun intended. It gives you the strength to go on fighting.

It was especially uplifting to see brave NHS staff come out to tell the truth and march in uniform with the clear messages you see below:

May be an image of 8 people, people standing and outdoors
Nurse Jenna
May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors
nurses tell the truth

Jenna, the nurse in the top picture with sandwich board is on Instagram: and has a website, Lockdown Alternative.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see one of the TV doctors pushing the false narrative try to debate with her? But don’t hold your breath. The mainstream medical cohort are only prepared to tangle with figures they consider easy to ridicule such as Piers Corbyn or the man who (rightly) threw craven Kier Starmer out of his pub. Give them a serving NHS nurse and they’d run a mile.

Similarly, they would never debate ex head of Pfizer research, Mike Yeadon, any of the thousands of doctors who signed The Great Barrington Declaration or one of the doctors from twenty-five countries who together are Doctors For Covid Ethics. See their recent letter sent to the European Medicines Agency demanding to see the data on the vaccines.

The medical professionals who have colluded with the establishment during this entire disgraceful saga will have to be held to account. The damage they have caused is incalculable – the lives that have been lost and ruined due to the lockdowns and from taking the experimental jab, not to mention the useless tests; all of this carnage is on their charge sheet.

I hope to see the Nuremberg Code invoked and jail time served. In the meantime we have Jenna and her colleagues speaking out. We must give these NHS staff members all our support. See this jaw-dropping recent testimony by an NHS senior nurse involved in the Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout:

Alison Banville is co-editor of BSNews.

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