The Next Big Syria Lie: Assad Executed 13,000 Prisoners, Sketchy Witnesses and Odd Satellite Photos ‘Prove’

Remember, the graver the accusation the less proof you actually need

Syrian government was supposed to have first “gassed its own people”. Except actually it was an al-Qaeda false flag attack aided by Turkey.

Then it was supposed to be starving 275,000 thousand anti-government civilians in east Aleppo. Except the people in question were not allowed to leave by rebels, numbered perhaps 60,000. and actually rejoiced once the Syrian army broke through last December.

Colin Powell at the UN

So now obviously another big lie is needed to fill in the void and sustain the warmongering, interventionist ambitions of the west.

Not to fear. The warmongering, pro-interventionist Amnesty International (they were singing to the tune of Bomb, Bomb Libya in 2011) is doing just that.

It has published an 80-page report (hey if it’s 80 pages long it must be authoritative!) alleging that since 2011 the Syrian government has secretly killed between 5,000 and 13,000 (!) people in just one of its prisons and then dumped the bodies in various mass graves.

AI’s evidence? Some “witnesses” scooped up from Turkey’s refugee camps who claim were housed in the prison and some satellite imagery worthy of Colin Powell.

Think about it. If you’re someone who won’t flinch at killing 13,000 people why would you leave behind witnesses? And how come these witnesses only popped up now when the mass killing has supposed to have been going since 2011?

Or let’s take a look at their satellite images:

AI explicitly claims Assad has been dumping bodies in mass graves but its imagery shows nothing of the sort.

Instead it gives us images of small cemeteries which have added a considerable number of individual graves in a short span of time.

This is utterly bizarre. Why would somebody who has slaughtered 13,000 people bothered to dig them individual graves on consecrated ground?

And why would somebody who is trying to hide 13,000 bodies bury them in a cemetery — the one place where dead bodies are usually found?

Is it really so surprising that an existing military cemetery would grow faster in time of war? There really isn’t a more obvious and likely explanation for that than “Assad must be executing thousands of people”?

Naturally Syrian political prisons are a terrible place — the one in question is where Assad tortured people for the CIA — but 13,000?! Give us a break!

Amnesty be honest, who paid you to push this crap?

Originally published: Dean Parker (Russia Insider)

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