“It’s Never As It Seems, Bubba”

Truth is an elusive beast at best.  Hunter S. Thompson nailed the truth about truth as well as anyone with these few words:  “It’s never as it seems, Bubba.”  The best we can do is to understand a few things about our own lot in life and our place on the food chain.  Unless you happen to be a card-carrying member of the World Shadow Government, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, or your name is high on the Forbes World’s Billionaires List, you have no real way of knowing what’s going on.  It’s really none of your business.  You are nothing but a commodity.  A natural resource to be harvested at the whim of your masters.  A wage-slave with a few advantages over the other beasts controlled by your overlords.  Like cattle, swine, and poultry, you will be consumed.  Not likely eaten, but used and abused until your utility is completely diminished.  And most of us will go to our graves, never understanding our own captivity.  Never knowing we are slaves.  Never equating the national boundaries of our countries of birth with cattle pens, pigsties, and chicken coops.

Underlings like you and I are raised on a steady diet of lies and misinformation from birth.  As young children, we are told tall tales by trusted adults.  Tales of Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny dance in our vulnerable little heads, and we believe without question.  Why not?  The rewards are great.  Presents under a tree, cash under our pillows, chocolate bunnies, and smiles.  Mindless faith equals sweet rewards.  Of course, our parents know that they’re blatant liars, but they’re just continuing the tradition.  To spill the beans about Santa Claus to an innocent child is akin to kicking a puppy or shoving an old lady into oncoming traffic.  Despicable. The lies must go on.  Truth has no value in this society.  Capitalism feeds on falsification and fairy tales.  Santa Claus, as we know him, was invented by a Coca Cola employee.

And so as adults, we readily and unquestioningly accept nearly every lie thrown at us, learning that doing so ensures us a place of acceptance in society.  Gradually, as the lies of childhood are cast aside, new, mature versions are embraced.  Organized, institutional, man-made religions promise us eternal bliss in exchange for groveling prayer and cash donations.  Crucifixes, crescent moon and star, or Stars of David dangle from our necks, so strangers can tell which team we’re on, which god we’re rooting for, and whether they should look at us, speak to us, bomb us, or do business with us.  We gladly accept far-fetched tales of saviors who walk on water, turn water to wine, and arise from the dead.  Tales which rival stories of a fat, bearded man delivering presents from a flying reindeer-driven sleigh in the middle of winter.  Tall tales with a mature theme for adults seeking the bliss of comfortable, childish lies.

As one who seeks the truth at all cost and above all else, I buy into Hunter S. Thompson’s 180 Degree Theory lock, stock, and barrel.  It’s never as it seems, Bubba.  Almost nothing is ever as it seems.  Not even if you can see it for yourself to verify it.  Truth is the enemy of your owners.  They don’t want you to worry your pretty little head about anything of importance.  You’ve been trained from birth that there is comfort in doing, saying, and believing what you’re told.  Your owner is the man behind the curtain.  The curtain is there for a reason, and you’re not allowed to pay attention to, nor question, the man who lurks behind it.

The only matters of any importance in this world are those which your television, newspapers, and MSM websites tell you are important.  If you’re a man, you fill your brain with professional sports statistics and dream of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models.  Women are required to be overly-concerned with fashion, make-up, hairstyle, varicose veins, cellulite, and Hollywood gossip.  Fear-mongering presstitutes seem to possess a never-ending repertoire of boogey men, unthinkable diseases, and dire warnings to keep us dumb, distracted, and off-balance.

Holding area under the surveillence of US military police at Camp X-Ray at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, during in-processing to the temporary detention facility 11 January 2002. The detainees, captured in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom
Holding area under the surveillence of US military police at Camp X-Ray at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, during in-processing to the temporary detention facility 11 January 2002. The detainees, captured in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom

We are required to unquestioningly praise the U.S. Military for keeping us free, and protecting us from the villains du jour, in spite of the fact that it is really nothing more than a band of merciless mercenaries, hired by Wall Street to rob, rape, and pillage the resources of other countries.  Amerika is in the business of war…nay, is dedicated, heart and soul, to the manufacture, sale, and use of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  People who take the pledge and sell themselves to the Military become simply part of the most ferocious and violent killing machine in history.  We shower them with thanks for their service, when we should, instead, forgive them, for they know not what they do.  It’s never as it seems, Bubba.

We are required to love the Ameikan system they call “Justice”.  To embrace the police who shoot or arrest the outlaws, to be thankful for the prison guards who isolate, taunt, and abuse them, to honor the laws that incarcerate them.  This, in spite of the fact that police forces were originally created to hunt down runaway slaves, which they are still doing.  This, in spite of the fact that people who make billions operating prisons for profit also write the draconic laws, which are responsible for Amerika’s mass-incarceration, which they pen and deliver to our elected officials along with the obligatory bribes.  All this, in spite of the fact that the U.S.A…land of the free…has 5% of earth’s population and 25% of its prisoners.  Freedom isn’t free.  Only the wealthy are semi-immune to incarceration.  It’s never as it seems, Bubba.  You’re just a commodity.  Remember?

We are required, as Amerikans, to participate in the sorry, silly circuses called “elections”.  We are given a choice between two candidates, both of whom work for our owners, and are committed to carrying out the official, secret agenda.  We are told that these politicians are our representatives, and are looking out for our best interests.  No one outside the two approved parties is allowed an actual chance to participate in government.  Elections are just selections, and the outcomes have been pre-determined by our owners.  The results are manufactured by the media, and insured by easily-rigged electronic voting machines. There is nobody out there to represent you, Bubba.  Democracy is a scam.  It’s never as it seems.

Here in Amerika, Bubba, we are told that our educational system is the finest on earth.  For-profit schools manufacture wage-slaves for business.  Students are taught nothing about critical thinking.  “Believe!” is the motto.  Student loans keep graduates in perpetual debt peonage, from graduation to the grave.  If the loan sharks don’t devour the slaves, the pharmaceutical and private hospitals will.  Even though Amerikans are told that they have the finest healthcare system on earth, one sprained ankle or broken bone can spell economic disaster and bankruptcy.  ‘Tis a tangled web, Bubba, and it’s never as it seems.

Believe nothing, Bubba.  The louder and oftener it’s shouted from the rafters of the news networks, the likelier it is to be a lie.  Zika!  Zika!  Zika!  A sad and frightening repeat of Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Hantavirus, and a host of other CDC fabrications.  Microcephaly induced by Zika?  Seems there are no studies to substantiate the connection, but don’t worry your little head over details.  If Lester Holt says it’s so, it’s so.  Never mind that the CIA is out to lay ruin to the alleged Zika epicenter in Brazil (one of the dreaded BRICS countries).  Never mind that Brazil is ground zero for agro-chemical agriculture, and that Microcephaly has been linked to certain toxic agro-chemicals.  Never mind that the very existence of Zika is in question, and that, at worst, the symptoms are mild.  Never mind that the Zika scam opens wide new multi-billion dollar doors for Big Pharma to market its bogus vaccines.  Believe the lies if you choose, but remember, Bubba, it’s never as it seems.

Understand your lot in life, and your place on the food chain, Bubba.  Understand that you’re a slave, and that slaves are not born to question authority, make decisions, nor have opinions.  John and Bobby Kennedy were killed by lone assassins.  Osama bin Laden’s band of boogey men brought down the World Trade Center.  Paul Wellstone and John Kennedy Jr. were both killed in freak, unexplainable airplane crashes.  A disturbed, rogue racist killed MLK.  The Boston Marathon Bombing and a host of other questionable terrorist events have been perpetrated by Muslims who (as George Bush famously told us) hate our freedom.  So enjoy your freedom, Bubba.  Bask in it, bathe in it, let the ringing of Amerikan freedom fill your ears and soothe your soul.  Count yourself lucky to be among the exceptional people in the exceptional nation with the bravest and best fighting force in the history of mankind.  But above all, believe what you’re told, Bubba.  It will ease the pain of being slowly consumed.  Believe!

Originally published: John R. Hall (Dissident Voice)

John R. Hall is a street-trained agnotologist with an advanced degree in American Ignorance. Other hats include: photojournalist, novelist, restaurateur, mountaineer, grocer, nurseryman, and janitor. He’s written three novels which have been read by almost nobody: ‘Embracing Darwin’, ‘Last Dance in Lubberland’, and ‘Atlas fumbled’. An untrained writer and college drop-out, he began his short career in journalism writing the ‘Excursion’ column for The Jackson Hole News & Guide. More recently he penned the ‘Left Column’ for The Molokai Island Times; appropriately on the island once known as a leper colony. He can be reached via email at: halls245@msn.com.

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