Money Myths

Exposing the truth about money creation by Brian Leslie (Sustainable Economics)

“As one of the United Kingdom’s most advanced monetary thinkers, he see’s the fraudulent debt-money system as the key issue preventing reform toward a peaceful, socially just and sustainable future for humanity.
His talk will connect money reform to the various other crucial issues which require urgent reform” – American Monetary Institute

 Money Myths Part 0 – Series Introduction


Money Myths Part 1 – What is Money?


Money Myths Part 2 – Cure for the Credit Crunch


Money Myths Part 3 – Roadmap for Change


Money Myths Part 4 – Q&A and 3rd World Debt


Money Myths Part 5 – A Bit of History and a Possible Future


Money Myths Part 6 – Basic Incomes


Money Myths Part 7 – American Monetary Institute (AMI) Talk

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