Michael Parenti – Inventing Reality

Michael Parenti is a political writer, historian, and culture critic. In this talk from 1993 he talks about media consolidation and the top-down control of information (Recorded 17 Oct 1993).

From http://www.michaelparenti.org/InventingReality.html

How much of what the news media tell us is true, and how does it control our view of the world? In this illuminating, provocative critique of the news media, Michael Parenti examines the subtle but profound ways in which the media influence and manipulate the public’s perception of reality. He attacks the widely held belief that the news media are controlled by liberals and liberal opinion—and he clearly depicts the news media as a controlling institution of the American capitalist system, an institution that serves the interests of the rich and powerful while appearing to serve the many.

In this thoroughly revised and updated edition, Parenti dissects news coverage of the most recent world events—including the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Gulf War, the U.S. invasion of Panama, and the contra war in Nicaragua—and demonstrates how the media shape public awareness and attitudes through distortion or suppression of specific information. His argument will reeducate and enrage a public that has come to believe in an impartial, free press.

The Progressive magazine calls Inventing Reality “essential to a fuller understanding of what we read and see daily.”

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