Masters and Slaves

Some people say they are going to obey whatever the Government tells them to do because they care about the vulnerable in our society and want to protect them. I am one of those deemed vulnerable having an underlying co-morbidity and I have had my letters from the NHS advising me how to stay safe. This is all quite comical given the endless confusing advice we get from these agencies and the countless deaths that have been deliberately caused in care homes during this event. I only came close to dying due to the NHS advising me repeatedly to stay locked in my home and watch TV when I clearly needed urgent medical help. For months we were told not to wear masks and of the few places left to function fully during lock down supermarkets were the place we were told to go! Suddenly, inexplicably the screws are being tightened.

For the record I have never been consulted on how I would like to be protected from danger. For the record I do not want anyone to be told to wear a mask or to be confined to their home or whatever for my benefit or in my name. You are not doing what you are being told for me. It is my view we are all in far greater danger from handing over our freedom and the freedom of future generations simply because we are told to do so.

It also strikes me as odd that we are comfortable obeying the instructions of an organisation with the most appalling track record in caring for the most vulnerable in our society. For a decade and more the disabled have been subjected to a sickening level of abuse at the hands of the Tories and tens of thousands of these most vulnerable people have been sent into abject poverty left unable to care for themselves or forced into suicide. At the same time the poorest, including millions of children, have been sunk further into poverty and many survive only thanks to handouts from volunteer food banks. I could go on and on listing these examples of how little these people care about humanity (and of course their contempt for animals and the environment is no better) but I have just one more. This is particularly poignant just now as they announce their intention to flood the population with yet another vaccine to fill the gap in the market before their genetically modified corona vaccine is released. My report on the flu vaccine is relatively short but vital reading and I urge everyone to gather all the facts before agreeing to take the shot, especially those who are concerned about the well being of themselves and others. And those who think it ‘selfish’ to consider this information with an open mind.

It’s nice to trust other people but only when they can be trusted. For the record I have no political allegiances and consider them all to be dangerous. Ponder if you will that the Tory Party was called the Nazi Party and was engaged in the systematic destruction of the disabled and the poor and was using medical experiments to inflict injury and disease in ethic minorities and others. There would be documentaries on the TV almost daily and we would all be up in arms. Instead we urge them on?

Originally published (I Am Keith Mann)


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