Law Firm’s Letter to Met Police Re Covid Vaccine Investigation: Full Text

PJH Law, The law firm involved in providing huge amounts of evidence to Hammersmith CID regarding the live investigation into the Covid jabs has sent a letter to Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and cc’ing in several relevant individuals (scroll down to view). The law firm forcefully urges action and requests an appointment to hand in ‘irrefutable’ evidence of the manslaughter of 90 (‘at its lowest’) UK citizens.

Several other salient points are made including the conflict of interest of having Secretary of State, Sajid Javid, named as an alleged offender while his brother, Basit Javid, is currently in post in The Met as a Deputy Commissioner overseeing Professional Standards. Read the full letter below, and ask yourself why no mainstream media outlet is reporting on it. In fact, The Met itself has issued misleading statements on this in which deny there is an investigation at all, with the corporate media dutifully amplifying that message.

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