Iran Responds To Israel’s Terror Attack on its Consulate in Damascus

Hebrew Media: “Today marked the largest aerial attack on the ‘State of Israel’ since its inception.”

Friend of BSNews Ibrahim Muhammad reports from Aleppo:

Most of the Iranian missiles fell at the Nevatim base, which contains F35 warplanes.

The Israeli “Nafatim” base is 1,100 km from Iranian territory, and the Revolutionary Guards conducted missile exercises on a model similar to it last year.

According to Iranian security source:

During the past few days, the airoespa space force of the IRGC has completed its preparations for a comprehensive war, and dozens of targets have been identified in the region, in coordination with all the armed forces in Iran. And if Israel responds to our attack, we are ready to strike the entity with bursts of precision ballistic missiles, as are all the countries that will provide aid to the Zionist entity.

Special sources for Al-Manar:

– The Iranian response targeted the “Nevatim” air base in southern occupied Palestine, and was directly hit by 15 missiles.

– The “Nevatim” base suffered severe damage and was put out of service

Meanwhile, the Zionist entity systems are under a new joint cyber attack

Iraqi Fatemiyoun Cyber Team.

Iranian ballistic missiles equipped with cluster warheads saturated Israel’s air defenses and several warheads passed through the interceptors to hit the targets and the air defense system itself.

According to Zionist sources, the cost of Israeli interception attempt to the Iranian attack is almost a billion dollars.

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