I’ll Smile – A Poem

When I’m on my death bed I’ll smile thinking of

All the great sex I had

Smile contentedly that I allowed myself true freedom,

Satisfied that I am not going into the great Unknown regretfully

With that niggling feeling deep inside that

Others’ conditioned judgements robbed me of joyful experience

I’ll smile thinking that I wasn’t infected by shame or guilt

Those great chains so many wear because

They don’t know they can simply refuse that burden

I’ll smile that I resisted all of society’s false values and hypocricies

And, as a woman, claimed my pleasure

I’ll smile that I embraced sensuality as a moral imperative

And my very last breath will be a gasp of triumph knowing that

I knew sex as a pure and supernal force

And sex with love as rapture,

A reverie my mind could not even touch, so swiftly did it

Sweep into my bursting soul

Have good sex people!

It’s your birthright!

But have it when you know yourself

Not when you are reaching unconsciously for

A salve for your weeping wounds

Have it when you would rather pleasure yourself than

Defile your spirit with an undeserving partner

Yes, I’ve had good sex

And it’s been divine.


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