Heard the one about the fox? It’s No Joke – Campaign to Protect the Hunting Act 2004

It’s No Joke by League Against Cruel Sports

Hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned in England and Wales in 2004. But this landmark piece of animal welfare legislation is under real threat – and we need to act now to protect it.

The Hunting Act 2004, the legislation that brought about a ban on hunting animals for sport, is now the UK’s most successful piece of wildlife protection legislation. Despite this, and the overwhelming public support for the hunting ban, unbelievably some people want to bring back this cruel activity and start hunting animals such as foxes, hare and deer, once more.

The Coalition Government continue to maintain their promise for a vote on repealing the Act, and the pro-hunting groups are increasing their pressure on MPs to get rid of it, or failing that, to weaken legislation. This pressure is increasing as we approach the 2015 General Election, and the campaign to protect the Act needs your voice adding to it.

This certainly isn’t a joke, and the reality of a return to legalised hunting for sport is something to take very seriously. We need to act now to protect the Act, and to help keep cruelty history.

How can I help?

You can help protect animals and keep cruelty history by acting now. Just three simple things can make the world of difference to animals, and we can help you do them. Please contact your MP to tell them that you do not want to see a return to hunting animals for support – just click the link and we’ll help you write to them. Please share the video, and help spread our ‘It’s no joke’ message far and wide. Tweet it, facebook it, talk about it – and more.

Finally, join us. We have been campaigning against cruel sports for almost 90 years, and we are stronger with every person that joins us, so sign up now. Together we can keep cruelty history.

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