Happy Birthday Nicola Tesla

Tesla and Free Energy

Einstein was once asked – what does it feel like to be the smartest man alive? He replied: ‘I don’t know, you ll have to ask Nicola Tesla’.

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor of modern times who was born 157 years ago today on July 10, 1856. He is responsible for almost all modern technology that is known to the public and advanced technologies, discoveries that are still patented and hidden from the public.

Some of his inventions include: Alternating Current, Radar, X-Rays, Radio, Remote Control, Electric Motor, Robotics, Lasers, Wireless Communications and Limitless Free Energy, Florescent light bulbs – 40 years before industry “invented” them.


And the reason he has been suppressed from most of humanity, especially in the United States, is because he believed energy should be free and demonstrated limitless free energy to the public over 100 years ago with the WardenClyffe. JP Morgan, through connections in government, media and $$, destroyed his reputation after this to ensure that energy would be measured on a meter/ cost money and gain billions of $$ for corpo…rations.

His notebooks and technologies were later taken by governments and used in the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project and HAARP.

We can end this suppression by spreading awareness and ending this age of ignorance and controlled schooling.

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