Gilad Atzmon – Seek Speak Spread Truth conference

Gilad Atzmon, speaking at the Seek Speak Spread Truth conference.

Gilad Atzmon was born a secular Israeli Jew in Tel Aviv and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem.  His service as a paramedic in the Israeli Defence Forces during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon caused him to reach the conclusion that  “I was part of a colonial state, the result of plundering and ethnic cleansing.” In 1994 Atzmon emigrated from Israel to London, where he attended the University of Essex and earned a Masters degree in Philosophy.  He has lived there since, becoming a British citizen in 2002. Atzmon’s novels have been published in 22 languages.  His first novel A Guide to the Perplexed, published in 2001, is set in a future where by 2052 Israel has been replaced by a Palestinian state for 40 years.

See Gilad’s own website
(Held on 23rd Nov.2013 at The Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston Street London, NW1 2EZ)

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