Ghost Lover

My secret lover 

Visits like a ghost

I can never touch him

When I want him the most

And after we’re together

I wonder the next day

If I simply dreamt him

Then of course he couldn’t stay

But in the heat of passion

It’s as real as it can be

I am on fire for him

And he’s on fire for me

He moves like molten lava

He fucks like burning flame

His touch is electricity

His body calls my name

Then when it is over

And I’m lying in the glow

My soul is still burning

As he turns to go

The silence that follows

Is a strange and soundless place

I cannot hear his voice there

I cannot see his face

He needs this separation

Yes, that I understand

And I, too, like the freedom 

Nothing heavy, nothing planned

So in this ghostly distance

I have found some relief

It’s kept me from a closeness

That ran the risk of grief

Now it might be over

And if we don’t meet again

I knew a man who touched my heart

But saved myself from pain

Alison Banville is co-editor of BSNews

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