German newspaper Bild APOLOGIZES for pushing COVID lockdown hysteria and harming society

It’s a shame our own corporate media has not displayed the same integrity as Bild newspaper. UK ‘journalists’ ‘ inevitable apologies will come far too late. The damage will have been done. What we have now are mass protests in Germany, UK, France, Ireland, Australia – where martial law is in operation – and other countries, and this will, sooner, I believe, rather than later lead to a critical mass tipping point, after which sanity and humanity will triumph. At that point nothing will be the same, and never again will amoral state stenographers be allowed to manufacture consent for mass murder and mass suffering, whether that be through illegal oil wars or virus propaganda and medical apartheid through vaccine status declaration needed to participate in society.

I. myself, have been informed in writing by my (recently) ex employer that if I am not prepared to get the jab I will have no job. And I am currently trying to get an eye test when all opticians are demanding mask wearing or no appointment. Many people have also reported being turned away from health centres when in need of help. All of our most basic civil liberties have been taken away from us with sickening ease. What kind of world is this?? This dystopian nightmare has been allowed to happen through mass propaganda purveyed through a corrupt corporate media and through mass compliance by the majority of the population. A meme doing the rounds at the moment says: ‘the sooner I give up all my rights the sooner I will get them back – says the person who has never read a history book ever!’.

But this is not over. What we are fighting for now is our very lives and a world worth living in. I have faith that more people are awakening and there are signs the narrative is crumbling. The video below is just one. There are holes in this rotten net and it will be torn down!

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