Final Statement of the Conference of the Tribes of Libya, May 25, 2014

By Jamahiriya News Agency


Editorial Comment:

The following is a rough translation of the fifteen point declaration that concluded the conference of Libyan Tribes, hosted by the Rishvana tribe in the city of Al-Azizia, on May 25, 2014.

I invite readers to use a translator to read the entire statement and the Libyan Peoples National Movement’s response.

As this is a legal and historical document, the only authentic version is the original draft statement in Arabic, as is published at the following link:

Dissolve the illegitimate General National Congress.

Abolish all laws passed by Congress and the government as they were created and implemented under intimidation and threat of armed force.

Abolish all contracts and international agreements issued outside the bounds of legal jurisdiction that impact the economic and political sovereignty of Libya.

Dissolve all militias, the military, security battalions, as all are illegitimate. They must surrender all weapons to the headquarters of the legitimate army and police. An attack on any region or tribe is an attack on all Libyans and will be confronted with the full force of all the Libyan people.

Immediately declare a general amnesty that allows for the return of the displaced both inside the country and abroad. If they do not have Libyan blood on their hands and have not engaged in theft of money or property, they can actively participate in the work of reconciliation.

The immediate release of all detainees and the eradication of all false charges against them.

The return of the legitimate army, police and security agencies to restore order and the rule of law to the country.

Immediately restore full citizenship rights to all Libyans.

Address the root causes of the war.
Provide equal treatment and respect for all those martyred and wounded during the war.

The authority of governance of the country passes to the Supreme Council of Tribes until there is a genuine process of democratic parliamentary and presidential elections and the completion of a constitution.

The army and police must return to their jobs immediately and protect the tribes and Libya’s borders and territorial integrity.

We call upon the United Nations Security Council, the African Union, the Arab League, the Community of Sahel-Sahara States, the Arab Maghreb Union, the European Union, the Islamic Conference and all international bodies and institutions, to bear witness, to stand with us and support this project of National Salvation, lending a helping hand.

Rest assured, the Libyan tribes will safeguard individual rights, protect and defend national interests and will not permit any to be subjected to actions contrary to the rules and norms of international law.

The Libyan Tribes unanimously reject all and any meetings, conferences, held under any name, unless they are held within Libyan territory, and the Libyan citizens and tribes are full participants.

The Libyan Tribes invite and welcome all tribes and regions and civil institutions to join this national project and actively participate in it.

إننا نحن أعضاء حركة اللجان الثورية نعاهد شعبنا في هذا اليوم بأننا .. سوف نتحمل مسئولياتنا بان نعيدها سيرتها الأولي وسوف نقدم أرواحنا لتحيا دولة الجماهير..وسنعيد سلطة الشعب السيد ونظام الشورى ونطهر أرضنا من الدنس والارجاس .

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