Expect Resistance

expect-resistance-crimethink-field-manual-crimethinc-workers-collective-paperback-cover-arta crimethink field manual (Published by CrimethInc.)


“…Expect Resistance, is a passionate call for readers to see revolution as a daily event, rather than as an abstract idea that may never be realized. Expect Resistance follows Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook and Days of Love, Nights of War in developing the crimethink philosophy of liberated living and fiery opposition to capitalism and injustice. Like CrimethInc.’s others works, Expect Resistance is beautifully presented, illustrated with everything from drawings of a post-apocalyptic world, to fake New York Times covers to actual photographs of fence-smashing demonstrations. The self-described ‘decentralized anarchist collective’ lists no author names on its publications to give credibility to the idea of collective action.

“One half of Expect Resistance, printed in red ink, is a fictional narrative that follows Marshall, Pablo and Samia as they leave their conventional lives and jobs to pursue a life of radical activism. The three meet during an occupation of a university, protesting both sweatshop labor and the working conditions of low-paid university workers. They go on to fall in and out of love and confront capitalism and injustice head-on.These fictional episodes alternate with chapters printed in black ink covering crimethink theory. While critics may deride the CrimethInc. model as “lifestyle anarchism” (as opposed to the more politically rigorous ‘social anarchism’), these theoretical sections successfully bridge the gap between the personal and the political.”

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