Eva Bartlett Interviews Ibrahim, Syrian Army Volunteer

Brilliant independent journalist, Eva Bartlett, is at this moment in Aleppo bringing us more outstanding journalism on the Syrian conflict. Above is her compelling audio interview with Ibrahim, an Aleppo resident, who discusses with great eloquence his experiences volunteering with the Syrian army to rid his city of the NATO/Gulf State/Israeli backed Jihadists who terrorised its citizens for four years.

In an account directly challenging the lies of omission – and commission – which the western corporate media routinely deals in when reporting on Syria, Ibrahim gives us detail we will never hear from any ‘mainstream’ news source, their clear mandate being to demonise a national army made up of the sons, daughters, fathers, brothers and sisters of ordinary Syrians. We have transcribed just a few quotes from this powerful interview below beginning just after Ibrahim has revealed that he was shot in the face and underwent a nine hour operation without anaesthetic:

Ibrahim: ‘I chose to be in the army because it’s the natural act to do. This is where I disagree with people when they define heroism because we all should do this. I don’t know (laughs), why do you make something big out of something that should be natural? It’s a basic instinct; you should defend your family, you should defend your homeland, you should defend your city – why make this sound like it’s something big? All the men of the Syrian Army are heroes – men and women’E

At the end of the interview….

Ibrahim: ‘I want to thank you, I want to thank everyone who came; you risked your life, your career, risked everything for something you don’t have any responsibility to – you choose that. You should be thanked, not me.’

Eva: ‘But in a sense I do bear a responsibility because I come from both America and Canada; both countries have been very active in supporting the terrorists, creating the terrorists, hosting the terrorists in our countries, defaming your President, defaming your leadership, defaming your army, and controlling the media…’

Listen to the whole interview above.

Originally published (Eva Bartlett youtube)

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