The Epic Steadfastness of Aleppo Central Prison

A documentary film about the siege of Aleppo Central Prison by armed terrorist groups backed by Western countries. The siege continued for 16 months during during which thousands of terrorists tried to control the prison in exchange for dozens of elements from the prison garrison. The prisoners and guards fought alongside each other and were able to withstand the siege and the attempts of the terrorists failed.

Documentary in three parts: –

  • Part 1( 30 )minutes.
  • Part2 ( 33 )minutes.
  • Part 3 ( 38 )minutes.


  1. Sinan saeed

    Thanks my brother Mr.Mike,you are the best

  2. Diese Leistung der Syrer ist in Deutschland unbekannt.
    Not known in Germany. May i translate in German on my Blog? I am not able to insert your comments in the vid. Would give german text separted.

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