The Enemy Is The Elite Boss Class, Not The Migrant Worker.

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  1. The Confederation of British Industry (the bosses club) has consistently been pro-immigration. It is a simple lie to pretend that bosses don’t like immigration, they love it. And they love it BECAUSE it puts downward pressure on wages. And it’s not European immigrants who are murdering our people on our streets. This articles is a familiar mantra of the left. The fact is that immigration of certain groups is a problem for Europe and to deny it is to lie in the face of our people’s experience. Internationalism is bullshit. You act locally. I’ve lived worked with immigrants in work hostels on the farmlands of Norfolk doing the same backbreaking work on the same low wages. I know what I’m talking about from experience, not from reading Karl Marx. Marx was a drunken parasite who inspired the worst butchers of the 20th century – the Bolsheviks. He’s no measure of reason for anyone. Leftists organisations are traitors to their own people in Europe. They signal their virtuous self-righteousness by attacking the most reasonable opposition to murderous terrorists. Time to put a new record on the turn-table, I’m sick of hearing the same old song.

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