Midnight in Waterloo
Strangers pass
They don’t know what’s going on
Behind smoked glass
He took off his clothes
And I had to gasp
I wasn’t gonna fuck him
But it happened so fast

He drives
He looks so good in that suit when he drives
He drives
He took me in the back seat and
Made me come alive

He was so damn beautiful
I couldn’t resist
My last train home
Would have to be missed
I got right to work
Straight after we kissed
And I kept it going from
My mouth to my wrist

He drives
He sees those celebrity
He drives
He’s seen right through them before
They arrive

He penetrated me
Right through to my core
My body erupted
But I wanted him more
He took me to a place
I’d never been before
Lying on the back seat
With my foot on the door

He drives
Looking through the mirror with
His deep brown eyes
He drives
It’s a red hot journey with
No promises or lies

(Drive, he drives)
It can’t be wrong
Because I’ve got no ties

(Drive, he drives)
He’s on the road
But his heart’s in the skies

Drive, he drives
He drives
He drives
He drives!

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