Deadly Sin

By Alison Banville

I have been accused of viewing men as collectible
But I am simply noticing that some are delectable
There’s nothing wrong with that!
All I’m doing is admiring
I just choose to do it while I’m panting and perspiring
But note, I’m very picky and that’s difficult for suitors
My checklist makes me one of the most rigorous recruiters
So what is on that list? I’ve no doubt you want to know
But in answer I will here present the reasons I say no
A bleached smile and a ‘supercar’ are super if you’re shallow
He’ll think they’ll get me wet if he’s as dumb as he is callow
Though often he has seen they make the perfect aphrodisiac
And jingling his Porsche keys has the proven power to attract
A woman who would never consider she’s a prostitute
Whilst listening to that jingling and then following in hot pursuit
Their fucking, it is clear, then becomes a transaction
And although I am sure they’re getting full satisfaction
What they’re satisfying is their vanity and greed
Their urges polluted by the nature of their need
And so in each other they have found the perfect match
He’s the perfect poseur, and she’s his venal catch
But this is very far from the fucking that has purity
Lust that’s undiluted by a gross materiality
Sex free from undertones that spoil it with dishonour
She wants nothing from him, and he wants nothing from her
Their only interaction a selfless sensuality
A sphere most never visit, its signpost is integrity
The lover that I meet there is unburdened by dishonesty
His uncorrupted passion is the only gift he brings to me
And this is all I want from him, so little yet so much
That he embody Truth in the magic of his touch
Can mere sex reach sublimity?
I tell you that it can
There can be sacred lust between a woman and a man
Religion may impugn me with its talk of wrath and sin
But my God shows me Heaven
And I am welcomed in
My God knows not the strangers who wrote rules in ‘his’ name
For He and She and Energy are One and the same
So you see, it is not lust that creates a sordid union
Truth can turn a fuck into a holy communion
And now please excuse me, I must make you aware
I have an assignation – and Truth awaits me there.

Alison Banville is co-editor of BSNews. She is an independent journalist, writer, vocalist, lyricist, performance poet and some-time stand up comedian.

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