Coronavirus: A Call To Awaken

BSNews co-editor Alison Banville shares her concise thoughts on how this seemingly terrifying threat is actually a potent historical moment offering us a dynamic opportunity to move to a space of personal empowerment and enlightenment capable of resisting both the virus and the malefic forces keeping us cowed and terrified:

I once emailed with a ‘maverick’ AIDS researcher who was ostracised for daring to say that the disease could be cured. He told me, ‘there is no virus the truly healthy human body cannot overcome, including HIV’. Of course Big Pharma can’t make billions if people go around curing themselves! I also have a book by living foods pioneer Anne Wigmore about curing HIV for which she was threatened with prison.

But I know from all of my years in the raw foods movement and reading about literally hundreds of cases – and also living the diet myself for long periods – that the human body was created to withstand any onslaught. So called ‘miraculous’ recoveries only appear miraculous because we have moved so far from a natural way of eating and living. And let me say this: we were not put on this planet to fall at the first sign of any random infection.

Only our crazy diet and lifestyle habits, which have become the cultural norm, have managed to reduce us to weak organisms reliant on poisonous drugs to drag us through the decades of inevitable decline; the lifestyle that renders us easy victims of the elites’ insidious machinations so that we end up begging them for a vaccination made of god knows what instead of transforming ourselves into the invulnerable beings we were always meant to be.

Because this state of vibrant health is our birthright!

When the body is properly cleansed and detoxified, not only a physical but an emotional, psychological and spiritual awakening takes place – I have read testimonies of this more times than I can count and have experienced it myself. In this awakened state the population is dangerous to the psychopaths invested in their mass somnambulant stupor. In this state everything becomes clear and we step into our own power. There is a deep connection between mind and body, and there was never a better time than right now to discover it.

‘Who will assert, that had the populace of Paris drank at the pure source of the Seine, and satisfied their hunger at the ever-furnished table of vegetable nature, that they would have lent their brutal suffrage to the proscription-list of Robespierre?… the power to tyrannize would certainly not be delegated by a society neither frenzied by inebriation nor rendered impotent and irrational by disease ‘ Shelley, A Vindication of the Vegetable Diet, 1813

Man at his creation was endowed with the gift of perpetual youth. He was not formed to be a sickly suffering creature as we now see him, but to enjoy health, and to sink by slow degrees into the bosom of his parent earth without disease or pain. John Frank Newton, A Defence of the Vegetable Regimen, 1811

All vice arose from the ruin of healthful innocence. Tyranny, superstition, commerce, and inequality, were then first known, when reason vainly attempted to guide the wanderings of exacerbated passion. The system of a simple diet..strikes at the root of all evilOn a natural system of diet.. the very sense of being would be a continued pleasure, such as we now feel it in some few and favoured moments of our youth. By all that is sacred in our hopes for the human race, I conjure those who love happiness and truth, to give a fair trial to the natural system‘ Shelley, A Vindication of the Vegetable Diet, 1813

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