Corona: Vaccines and Vivisection Are Now A Civil Liberties Issue

Vaccines and vivisection are now civil liberties issues. For the lowdown on the nexus of nefarious interests relying on your ignorance when they present their ‘miracle’ vaccine as the only way out of lockdown see this video.

Today on UK morning news a new corona vaccine was hailed By Piers Morgan as ‘very encouraging’ after it was tested on six rhesus monkeys. He then, along with the show’s doctor, validated vivisection for the British public, assuring them it was done ‘for safety’ – in other words, the success of the plan to vaccinate us all will rely on the public believing two great lies – the first, that vaccines work, and the second, that vivisection is a valid and safe method of testing them. It is now vital to arm ourselves with knowledge on these two issues. And in fact, the news programme’s doctor, while validating animal testing, revealed the very reason it doesn’t work….

Piers Morgan praised the apparent success of testing the ‘Oxford’ corona vaccine on rhesus macaque monkeys and then went on to say that one of his own colleagues had raised the moral argument on animal testing. The debate is always framed as the scientific community being in favour of animal testing – another great lie – and that it’s a choice between causing suffering to animals or allowing humans to suffer.

But this is a completely false choice. Because animal testing is bogus science and actually maims and kills thousands of people every year through harmful drugs, fully animal tested, reaching the population. 10,000 people a year in the UK die from the side-effects of prescription drugs and 100,000 in the US. Safer Medicines Campaign, is a group of doctors and scientists who all oppose vivisection on scientific grounds ALONE. Visit their website to find out more. 100.000 people died from a heart attack after taking Vioxx and over 300,000 were maimed by it. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

As with vaccines people will be called upon to decide if they believe the propaganda line on animal experimentation that has been fed to the public for decades or they will use their critical faculties to seek the truth. We all urgently need to be armed with knowledge on both vaccines and vivisection at this time. And what did Dr Hillary say on Good Morning Britain?…..

He said of the experiment with the monkeys injected with the corona vaccine after being exposed to the virus that people may not like animal experiments but it was, indeed, ‘very encouraging’. adding, it’s done ‘for safety’ – however, he then said this – ‘you can’t necessarily extrapolate from ‘it’s worked in monkeys so it’s going to work in humans’ because it’s a different species, and we know different viruses work differently in different species, but it’s certainly encouraging.’ Well how very scientific!! You can’t have it both ways doctor H! Read below the words of ex-vivisector Dr Pietro Croce, who will tell you exactly why animal experiments are useless – it’s so very simple, and the implcations so very great:

‘There are endless possibilities for producing irrefutable evidence in support of any theory, through the use of various animal species; all one has to do is to select the appropriate species:

Do you want to prove that the amanita is by no means a deadly mushroom but much rather a delicacy fit for humans? Just feed it to a rabbit, morning, noon and night. He will thrive on it. Do you want to ruin the citrus fruit growers? Then feed their lemons to cats, who will die from them.

?Do we wish to prove that prussic acid, the mere smell of which can kill a human being, makes a fine aperitif? Then let’s feed it to toads and sheep.

Do we want to stop cooks from using parsley? Let’s give it to the parrot, and you will find him stone dead the next morning.

Or do we want penicillin to disappear from all drugstore counters? Let’s give guinea-pigs a taste of it, and they will promptly die from it.

The amount of opium a porcupine can actually swallow in one lump with no trouble at all would keep a human addict groggy for two weeks if he just smoked it, let alone what it would do to him if he swallowed it.

To convince the consumers that botulin is harmless, just add a bit of this poison to some cat food; the cat will happily lick its lips. But the cat’s traditional game, the mouse, will die from it as if struck by lightning.

Moonshiners are responsible for blinding thousands of people, owing to the methyl alcohol in their booze. But this same methyl alcohol doesn’t affect the eyes of most laboratory animals.

Arsenic is supposed to be poisonous? That is a pure invention of the crime writers. The proof? Sheep can tolerate a considerable quantity of arsenic.

Does your pussycat have the sniffles? Be sure not to give her any aspirin ‘ unless, of course, you want to kill her.

Are you asked to demonstrate the uselessness of vitamin C? Then remove it entirely from the diet of some animal that’s close at hand ‘ a dog, cat, rat, mouse, hamster. They will nevertheless stay healthy, because their organisms produce their own vitamin C. But we may not withhold it from guinea-pigs, primates, or humans. Deprived of all vitamin C they would eventually all die from scurvy.

One hundred milligrams of scopolamine leave dogs and cats unaffected; but five milligrams are sufficient to kill a human being.

Strychnine, as popular among the murderers in detective stories as arsenic, has no effect at all on guinea pigs, chickens or monkeys, not even in a dosage which would be enough to put a whole human family into convulsions.

Hemlock, well-known through the death of Socrates, is dangerous because of its similarity to parsley, but it is eaten with great relish by goats, sheep and horses.

Amyl nitrate dangerously raises the internal pressure of the eyes of a dog, but lowers the pressure within the human eye.

The foxglove (digitalis) was formerly considered to be dangerous for the heart because, when tested on dogs, it raised their blood-pressure. For this reason the use of this medicament, which is of undisputed value for the human heart, was delayed by many years.

Novalgin is an anesthetic for humans, but in cats it causes excitement and salivation, similarly to what occurs in an animal suffering from rabies.

Cycloserin is used for tuberculosis patients, but has no effect on guinea pigs and rats which have been made tuberculous artificially.

The anti-inflammatory Phenylbutazone can be administered to dogs and other animals in high doses, for it quickly loses its effect in their bodies. But if similar doses were given to humans, poisoning would soon set in, because this medicament needs 100 to 150 times longer to become inactive and checked in its effects.

Chloramphenicol often seriously damages the blood-producing bone marrow of humans, but not the marrow of animals.

Acidum oroticum has a healing influence on the human liver, but causes fattiness in the liver of rats.

Chlorpromazine damages the human liver, but not the livers of laboratory animals. Methyl fluoracetate has a toxic effect on mammals, but the rat can tolerate a dosage forty times higher than the dose that kills a dog. And man? Will he react like a rat, or like a dog?

In a nutshell, one only needs to find the appropriate animal species to obtain the desired answer: black or white, positive or negative. You name it, they will get it. That is a kind of elastic, malleable Science, like the dough we mould in the kitchen. But it is tragic that some want to have us believe that they can manufacture human health in this way.’

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