Compilation: Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett – Real Reporting From Ukraine

Believe me, I’ve sobbed. I keep myself together while filming & speaking, but I do also feel deeply the pain & horror of what these people are being put through and what I’m seeing.’ Eva Bartlett

The level of downright lies coming out of the western corporate media on Ukraine – let’s not even pussyfoot around with words like ‘misinformation’ or ‘distortion’ – is threatening to outstrip even the lies spewed out regarding Syria.

At this precarious juncture in history it’s never been more important to have integrity in journalism, yet reports from news outlets owned by massive corporations and broadcast by corporate employees who consistently and enthusiastically parrot their official sources, routinely refusing to question those sources, are having a catastrophic effect on the real lives of millions of people.

Just as in Syria, where innocent civilians in great numbers were tortured, starved and killed by Islamist proxies funded and armed by the West, Gulf states and the ever-hovering murdering presence of Israel, and just as the people of Yemen have suffered death and famine while RAF personnel man Saudi control rooms, and just as the Palestinians continue to endure the unendurable under the jackboot of terrorist Israel’s occupation, so the innocents of Ukraine have for eight years since the 2014 CIA organised coup endured relentless bombing from the Ukraine’s Nazi forces killing scores of children and adults without a single murmur from the West! Why?

Anyone now consumed with outrage at ‘Russian aggression’ gives no clearer indication that they have been well and truly manipulated by the corporate media. Anyone hanging out a Ukraine flag might as well hang out a white one with it because they have surrendered totally their own mind and conscience to the very corporate forces whose job it is to make sure the truth is suppressed.

But really, at this stage of the game, who on earth is supinely swallowing what comes out of the mainstream media? Why the hell are they blithely believing it? Please tell me who – in 2022 – is blindly trusting their government and corporate media? Who can possibly be that dangerously naive? Have they been even half awake their entire adult lives?

I think part of the problem is that many people are unaware of the level of sophistication applied to the propaganda. Yet in Syria we saw this in full flight. If it wasn’t for the brave and brilliant reporting of Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett we would not have had the hours of interviews with Syrian civilians that blew apart the officially approved narrative, nor the evidence that the White Helmets are, as John Pilger stated, ‘a propaganda construct inside Syria.’

And now, these truly remarkable women are bringing the truth out of Ukraine, even though both are now on an official kill list. Can you just for a moment ponder that fact, and meditate on the kind of bravery and commitment to the truth needed to plough on while under that level of threat. These two souls put every corporate ‘journalist’ to shame. The fact that they are vilified, not only by those who fear being exposed by their work, but often by those news consumers too credulous and apathetic to know real journalism when they see it, is a sad indictment of the culture of news in our society.

Our respect at BSNews for Eva and Vanessa is beyond measure, as well as for all those working so hard to bring genuine news to the populations of countries whose governments fan the lucrative flames of war for the same nefarious reasons they ever did.

Here, then, is a compilation of Vanessa and Eva’s Ukraine reporting, although more is coming out daily so please follow them both on all their social media channels.

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