Call Me Names

I want you to call me

Names in bed

Names like


Commie and Red

Oh tell me

I’m a naughty girl

For giving a fuck

In a fucked up world

For fucking a man

Who fucks a girl

Who gives a fuck

In a fucked up world

Make me confess

My secret dear

My ambition is

Your secret fear

You fuck

With all your

Impotent rage

Trying to make our

Bed a cage

Your frustration

Makes me wet

I haven’t finished

Playing with you yet

You want me

Cos I excite you

Get too close

And I might bite you

You want to fuck me

Into submission

If I’m cumming hard

You don’t have to listen

But I think you’ll find

I’m no anarchist bore

I’m your little

Anarchist whore

I have to sometimes

Hide a smile

When you fuck me

Like I’m on trial

Well hey bud

The verdict’s in…

Not giving a fuck

Is the only sin.


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