BSNews is ‘Russian Backed’ and is Reported to OFCOM: We Respond

BSNews  – that’s co-editors Mike Raddie and Alison Banville – received the following email today via the contact page on our website:

From: James McAlea

Subject: From Contact Us

Just watched your Editor on RT news and he was a total disgrace!  His comments and this website are total bullshit and a pose a direct danger to Democracy. But then you and your Russian backers are masters of disinformation.

The sooner RT is taken off Air in the UK and Europe and this Website face criminal charges, the better.

I have reported your Editors unbalanced views and its broadcast on RT to  Ofcom.

Greatly concerned about these accusations and desperate to rehabilitate ourselves in the eyes of this responsible citizen – and also hopefully mitigate any punishment by OFCOM, a body we both fear and respect – Mike Raddie responded with the urgency such an indictment deserves; almost immediately, in fact, after he’d made himself a nice curry, drank a few glasses of wine, and finished re-watching the last three episodes of Breaking Bad. Over to you Mike. (BSNews co-ed Alison Banville): 

Dear Mr McAlea

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You won’t be surprised to read that you’re not the first to complain about our editor. His appearances on RT have become an embarrassing spectacle we have had to endure for too long now.

You are right about his comments posing a danger to democracy and it is because of this we have placed him on unpaid leave pending a formal investigation.

We had suspected his views were marginal but it appears he is becoming more dissident by the day. We discovered earlier today that he still believes Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction but they have been deliberately and carefully hidden in order to evade detection. He has written about how the Libyan government was about to commit genocide and that the recent House of Commons report suggesting there was no evidence for such claims was politically motivated. He also believes Iraqi soldiers actually threw babies out of incubators in Kuwait during the first Gulf War. And despite not being alive at the time he maintains to this day that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which led the US into a war with Vietnam resulting in the deaths of millions of civilians, really happened and was a valid pretext for an air and ground invasion involving the widespread use of chemical weapons.

We simply cannot tolerate such views any longer and hope you’ll be pleased to learn that our new editor will support the government of the day in whatever foreign policy decisions it takes, irrespective of international law, lack of United Nations authorisation and even absence or questionable credibility of any justification.

Our new editor will faithfully echo, without challenge, the claims of politicians and officials and will endeavour to exclusively report the crimes of our official enemies and never those of our elected leaders.

Again, we thank you for bringing this to our attention and we hope this response will be accepted as a sincere apology for our poor judgement in our earlier recruitment decision-making.

Kind regards

The BSNews team.


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  2. found several James McAlea’s in UK, mostly in Belfast. Could he be a DUP man?

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