BSNews Editors’ Trip to Syria

Hello, we are Mike Raddie and Alison Banville, co-editors of BSNews. This is an independent, activist run news website which aims to counter the distortion of the corporate news media.

Mike Raddie with children at Jebrin refugee camp outside Aleppo, April 2017

Last year we travelled to Syria – completely self-funded – to talk to people on the ground in Aleppo, Homs, and Damascus in order to hear first-hand testimony from the Syrian people rather than the compromised voices of corporate journalists reporting from outside the country. On that trip we also interviewed Aleppo’s MP, Fares Shehabi, and put questions to the Syrian government Minister of Reconciliation, Dr. Ali Haidar.

This next trip will be a further fact-finding and research mission which will bring back more authentic Syrian voices to challenge the official UK government narrative promoted by the mainstream media. We are crowdfunding this time and would very much appreciate any help you can give us in doing the vital work of the independent media in regards to Syria. We believe Syrian voices must be heard.

Click here for our funding page

We do not allow advertising on this website so that the reports we bring you are totally independent and free from any corporate influence, and therefore we make no money at all from it.

These funds we hope to raise for this upcoming trip will be used for travel to, and within, Lebanon and Syria, for accommodation, and for some decent camera equipment which we did not have on our last trip – see our interview with Fares Shehabi.

Our reports, interviews and testimony gathered from ordinary Syrians will be added to our extensive Syria section on the website.

Many, many thanks

Mike and Alison



  1. can’t wait to read and see what you got already and will produce! keep up the great work you fine underrated mythbusters, you deserve for more subscribers both on youtube then you got already but hopefully a good amount are checking out BS News and donating generously 🙂

  2. mick Fletcher

    just donated …wish I was coming with you xx

    • Alison Banville

      Hi Mick, thank you so much but this trip was back in April. But we will use your kind donation to fund our next trip. All the very best, Alison (co-ed)

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