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Alison Banville (BSNews co-editor) My thoughts and love are with officer Haian Dalloul, and his beloved mother, my dear friend, Rajaa Kahwaje, and Haiian’s brave brother and dear friend, Lieutenant Ali Dalloul at this time. Please pray for them and let us do all we can to bring Haian home:

Yadhira Lopez writes:

Dear Friends,

Some of you are my friends on Facebook, some of you are not, but I follow you on your posts. Many of you, like myself Support Syria and its Resistance All of you, including myself, want an end to the illegal war imposed by Western Governments to the Syrian Nation and for a return of Peace for the Syrian people.

I am writing you on the behalf of a Mother in Syria who is asking for the support of the International Community in regards the life of her Dear Son, officer Haian Dalloul who was Kidnapped in July 9th, 2018 by Islamic militant groups Ansar al Islam

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This Islamic militant group has contacted her today, April 9th 2020, demanding a ransom of $100,000 dollars to be paid by April 22nd, 2020- if not paid they will murder her son with specifics including the slaughtering of her son “with a knife”.

Ms. Rajaa Kahwaje is desperately looking for support and not just with the Syrian Government but also to the International community.
She knows that the money this Islamic militant group is asking for is impossible to give and she is Not asking for you to support with money- but rather with words, compassion and any other ideas on how to save her son’s life.

The suffering she and her family have endured is indescribable, and the pain she as a mother must feel is incredibly distressing and tragic.
Ms. Rajaa Kahwaje is a friend of mine via Facebook, and I have followed her story regarding the kidnapping of her son Haian Dalloul. You can check her links for more information about her son’s kidnapping.
What can be done to save her son’s life? What can we do to support this family in this perilous eleventh hour?

Please share widely and let her story and the story of her son be known, and hopefully something can be negotiated or some blessing may come to this family who ardently wish the return of their beloved son.

Thank you very much for reading my post
Yadhira Lopez

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