Boyfriend Material

He wasn’t boyfriend material
He was too easy to draw into my orbit
With only the gravitational pull
Of my indifferent erotic ozone.
I didn’t mean to do it
I didn’t even direct it at him
The aroma of it just hit his nostrils and he
Followed its scent
In a neanderthal stupor
It wasn’t flattering
He was just obeying an unexamined primal urge
And that would have been
Fine –
Many a time I have quenched that thirst
And been satisfied on those terms –
But now I was looking for something inspirational
And he just wouldn’t do
An erect penis is not enough to
Hang inspiration on!
It’s enough for a good orgasm
Yet that is a solitary psychedelic trip to the sublime,
Detached at the point of disappearance from the man
Grinding inside me somewhere back on earth
But when arrives a yearning for a
melding of souls
A rutting narcissist ain’t gonna cut it
No sir. This man
He honestly thought he could stumble into my life
Intoxicated by pussy scent and
Set up camp! Put his feet under my table!
That we’d settle in to what?
Work, pub, fuck, sleep…
That living death
That slow crucifixion
I could not survive a year entombed that way
With a man unable to embark on a great orphic voyage
A man content with the surface of life, and with only the surface of
The co-signee of his joint account
Concerned only with his material wants and physical impulses
This man fucks like he shits – when his body demands
Bring me the man willing to dive the delphic depths with me!
Willing to ignite the creative force within and
Set his soul alight with his twin flame by his side
With that man sex is a mystical adventure
And orgasm a divine supernova
Exploding my spirit into a billion points of Light
Before he draws me back into his essence
Enfolding me, holding me
In the safety of his spiritual core.
Now that! is boyfriend material
And I’m not giving up my freedom for
Anything less.
I never have.


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