Book Review: I Am Keith Mann. I Cured Cancer at Home

Truth. Now there’s a word. It sounds simple doesn’t it? Superficially. Something most people would declare they align themselves with. It’s one of those obvious signifiers of decency. Truth is like Justice. Who would not say they are in favour? But just like Justice, Truth is a far more profound concept than most would dare to admit.
The word ‘truth’ is routinely twisted and distorted by the very people who neither know nor care what it really means and in a tragic game of reciprocal denial this false version is grasped at by those who prefer the comfort of their prejudices to the courage of throwing them off and looking reality square in the eye.  
‘Man is not a rational animal, but a rationalising animal’ said Nietzsche. And he was absolutely right. Which is why those who tell the unvarnished Truth are so often turned on by the rationalising mob. But the Truth-tellers proclaim it anyway, because they are compelled by a force that is soul deep.
Keith Mann is one such as this. Keith, the man the British press branded a terrorist for his direct action to save animals from brutal torture and who spent seven years in prison for his principles. Keith, the Animal Liberation Front ‘monster’ who emerged unrepentant because he knows who the real monsters are. And so will you, if you turn off the sewage outlet of corporate news and pick up Keith’s book, ‘I Am Keith Mann: I Cured Cancer At Home’. 
A provocative title you may think? But cure himself of an ‘incurable’ disease is exactly what Keith did, as his doctors can testify: 
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Despite being told he was terminal after his diagnosis of stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma Keith refused his death sentence and began what turned out to be nothing short of an amazing odyssey, one with a triumphant homecoming and a message for everyone about the killer that is stalking one in two of us, according to the ‘successful’ cancer research cartel. 
Keith undertook an epic research project, the stunning findings of which are packed into the 400 compelling pages of his book. There is no room after this for willful dismissal of his claims by those with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar cancer industry or by people somnambulant and credulous enough to believe what they are told by the vampires making themselves rich off the sick and the dying.  
All the dots are joined in this enterprise. The vivisection industry, so close to Keith’s purpose and now playing its crucial part in his revelations, emerges as the scientific deceit it really is, its role in the cancer fraud meticulously exposed by pages of cold, hard fact only a fool would attempt to deny. And only a person devoid of all empathy could fail, upon reading it, to feel the immensity of the moral crime perpetrated upon vivisection’s ultimate innocent victims, the animals, who have suffered unimaginably in this despicable saga. 
Vaccinations are central to this story, too, and Keith traces for us – again, with mountains of scientific corroboration – the truth of their toxic constituents and horrific physiological effects, explaining along the way their role in his own cancer, a mystery solved which has awesome implications for those with a cancer diagnosis and which would, in a sane society, be headline news around the world.
Keith wields Truth like a weapon and nothing without integrity survives his onslaught. You want the names of all the people at the CDC (Centres For Disease Control and Prevention – trademarked motto: ‘saving lives, protecting people’) who held a secret ‘shredding party’ to dispose of the evidence their own clinical trial produced confirming MMR’s direct link to autism? Keith gives them to you. Every single one of these psychopaths should be in prison. But you will see how, far from being an aberration, this heinous manipulation of data is routine, no matter that children are its victims. Keith shows us that, time and again, research is distorted, discarded or destroyed if it is inconvenient and how the corporate media play along by stenographically reporting the false information they’re fed.
I could fill this review with examples as shocking as the one above because Keith has brought them all together for us. He has done all the work. Every piece of the puzzle which he finds and slots into place for us is backed up by impressive reams of research under which the lies of the cancer industry cannot stand. This is an incredible achievement by any measure, and an endeavour the cancer profiteers must have hoped no-one would ever attempt. Chapter after chapter builds a case that simply cannot be challenged; it is that watertight.
I cannot hope to discuss here all of Keith’s subject matter but you will read not only about the deep wrongs committed but about the full protocol he used to heal. The incredible VEGA principle will blow your mind. But what shines through is the imperative of superior nutrition as the bedrock of health and the necessity of detoxification as the foundation of healing disease. A foundation which then enables the entire protocol to do its work. 
‘This is a disease that has always swept aside the best of the orthodox arsenal of cancer treatments’ says Keith of the non-Hodgkins lymphoma. ‘but it has been eradicated from my body by an extended, organised healing process. We found a way to heal without grueling stem cell transplants, re-engineered species, gene therapy, devastating poisons, and there are no baby rats and mice needed. Just natural simplicity, sound logic and sensible science. As Important, I have the willingness to invite the wrath of the devil and his gate-keepers for telling the world about our discovery of the Holy Grail of medical research…for all I am worth I will use this second chance I have been given to be of service to the greater good by telling my story to all who are listening.’  
Keith’s book is a horror story, a detective story, an adventure story and a love story (we see in his beloved wife Alice the very definition of a soul-mate) and a more important book with greater implications for us all would be impossible to recommend. Keith calls himself a ‘cancer curing criminal’ and I love that! When it comes to the religion of medical orthodoxy he is the most inspirational apostate we could hope to have. Heresy here is a badge of honour, and it saved his life. 
As I sat to write this review I thought of Keith with a smile and this quote from Henry Thoreau came to my mind: 
They who know of no purer sources of truth, who have traced up its stream no higher, stand, and wisely stand, by the Bible and the Constitution, and drink at it there with reverence and humility; but they who behold where it comes trickling into this lake or that pool, gird up their loins once more, and continue their pilgrimage toward its fountain-head.
These words sum up for me exactly what Keith has done to bring us this book. His burning desire for Truth has fueled his own pilgrimage and, as you will discover for yourself when you read his incredible story – he has reached the fountain-head. 
‘I’m alive. And I want to make good of it. Join me? Let’s get this story out there and start to make a difference where it really matters.’ Keith Mann
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  1. Finally a sane and Truthful articulate deeper and intelligent Sentient deduction of True Warriors, demonized by the cabal, its minions and the mundane mass hive-mind. (sorry I cleaned that up ,too) 🙂
    Thankyou Alison xo

  2. Hi lovely people. I had liver cancer. And hep c . After using Keith Manns protocol . I am now hep c free and no more liver cancer. I am 2 months free and I still can’t believe it . Please contact me to find out more . Lots of love. John

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