Bob McIlvaine : 9/11 Family Member

Bob McIlvaine, a former history teacher from Oreland, PA, is one of the most outspoken 9/11 family members. His son, Robert McIlvaine, Jr. (Princeton University ’97) was Assistant Vice-President of Media Relations for Merrill Lynch & Co. and perished at the World Trade Center’s North Tower on September 11, 2001. From the evidence that Bob has gathered, it is apparent his son was killed by an explosion, likely in the lobby.

Bob is one of the family members who attended every 9/11 Commission hearing as well as numerous 9/11 Truth conferences around the world. He has appeared in several TV, radio and newspaper interviews, as well as the documentary 9/11: Press For Truth, and commercial TV spots on behalf of, calling attention to the mysterious collapse of a third WTC tower which was not hit by an airplane.