Bashar al Assad: ‘The future of Syria will be determined by the Syrians alone’

The following speech by Bashar al Assad was translated by, and is published with the kind permission of, Ibrahim Muhammad, Syrian Army volunteer and resident of Aleppo. You can listen to his compelling interview with Eva Bartlett here.

During his meeting with heads of local councils from all Syrian provinces today, president #Bashar_Assad said :

The plan to dominate the world led by the US has not changed and the reality of the resistance of our people has grown firmly. National sovereignty is sacred, if it has been violated by terrorists, it does not mean giving up its essence, which is the national decision. The future of Syria will be determined by the Syrians alone and our friends are only offering advice and assistance. On the basis of justice, there is no equality between who carried arms in defense of the homeland and who ran away. The horrors of war left a deep impact in souls and only the army’s victory in the battlefields can compensate for its pain.

The state with all its institutions is working to return the refugees to their homeland because this is the only way to end their suffering. The main factor that slowed the return of many refugees is that the countries concerned with the file of refugees are hindering their return. One of the main pillars of the plan for Syria through the war was the issue of refugees, which has become a source of corruption exploited by officials of a number of countries that support terrorism .. The return of the displaced will deprive them of political and financial benefits, the countries supporting terrorism have been working on the refugees file since before the war by preparing camps on the Syrian borders as an attempt to condemn the Syrian state.

Tell the groups that bet on the American that he will not protect you, the American will not put you in his heart, the American will put you in his pocket to be a tool for barter and he already began to trade. If you do not prepare yourselves to defend your country and resist, you will only be slaves to the Ottoman and no one will protect you but your state and no one will defend you but the Syrian Arab Army.
– Erdoghan is a small footman for the Americans and the safe area he talks about is the same that he was begging the American to allowed him to enter.

Every inch in Syria will be liberated and any interference is an enemy, this is a national axiom that is not subject to debate and is not a state opinion. This is a settled issue.

Enemy’s clients did not learn the obvious rule and did not understand that the way to the people doesn’t pass through the intelligence agencies of other countries, they have not yet learned all these years that the axiomatic rule that nothing gives a person its value except belonging to the real people.
Syria is strong. And because it has withstood and faced the war with courage, therefore it will be stronger and more powerful than it is. This power is our armed forces, and thanks to them, together with the allied groups, and the support of our allies, friends and brothers.

We are still fighting four battles, including the military war, and we all see the achievements of our armed forces and allied forces, and the siege war which sometimes and often we succeed with it, there are pitfalls and in general it intensifies. The war of the Internet and social media in which the other party has the upper hand. The fourth war is the war of the corruption which depend on Internet.

Picture said : “Homeland is sacred … a phrase you do not understand … homeland is like the soul .. words you do not know the meaning of .. Because you are cheap brokers who can only take humiliation and disgrace, and you deserve only disdain and contempt …”

Full speech in Arabic, SANA :

Originally published (Ibrahim Muhammad Facebook)

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