Author: Aaron Bastani

Don’t you dare say the fatal Grenfell Tower fire is not ‘political’

From poor safety standards to Tories rejecting laws to make all homes fit for human habitation, this morning’s tragedy in London is a political matter. Some tragedies are wholly unavoidable, others the result of wanton negligence. As events come into sharp relief, and evidence accumulates, it looks increasingly likely that this morning’s events at Grenfell Tower – near London’s Notting […]

Labour can only win with Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s long decline can only be ended by an insurgent movement. And Corbyn is the candidate of that movement. Follow Charles B. Anthony @CharlesBAnthony Take note Labour: this is how you win an election. Jeremy Corbyn phone bank filling up 6 entire rooms Jeremy Corbyn is no ordinary politician. For his supporters that is his unique selling point, for his […]