Australia Has Fallen – But the Resistance is Alive

Australia is now living under complete tyranny. And that word is entirely factual, as John Pilger warns below. Yet despite the truly shocking police brutality, including shooting protesters with rubber bullets and firing tear gas, violently arresting people sitting on park benches or in their own homes, the Australian people are rising up to take back their lost freedoms.

A series of tweets follows and a Youtube report of a protest in Australia. There have been protests outside Australian embassies in the UK, New York and Poland, where prominent politicians made a statement condemning the Australian government. If you want to follow what’s going on there join the Telegram groups Stand With Oz and Wake Up Australia. We have already lost most of our freedoms here in the UK and there are mass protests happening here as there are around the world. Italy has seen mass protests in over 70 cities and France, too, has had country wide mass demonstrations. When the majority of the populations wake up to what is happening and understand that the real agenda all along has been profit and control there will be nowhere the perpetrators will have left to hide.


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