Al Skeilbiyyeh: Massacre of Children in Syria – Who Will Report This Outrage?

This is TODAY in Al Skeilbiyyeh, Syria, after six children were killed by the Jihadists that the UK. US, and the other war criminals, fund and support! Look at this grief!! Look at these mothers! Look at the little coffins! Your government has this blood on its hands!!

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These men carrying the coffins are residents of this town who took up arms to defend it from attack by the NATO supported Jihadists – or simply ‘terrorists’ as they are rightfully called in Syria – who perpetrated these despicable crimes this week. The victims are the children these brave men saw every day in their community; they knew their names! They were as precious as their own children. Read those names below and remember them because you will NEVER hear them spoken in the western corporate media! The BBC, Channel 4 News, Sky, ITV News, not one of these outlets will allow their audiences to hear about the cold-blooded murders of these innocent children!

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Nabel Alabdalla and his men of the National Defence Forces

Imagine your children playing innocently this morning and in a coffin this afternoon! That is what these parents are enduring at this very moment! The brave people of Al Skeilbiyyeh are bending under the weight of unimaginable tragedy today, but our government’s fanatical, murdering, proxy ‘moderate rebels’ will not break them! Their beautiful children will never come home from school again to run into their parents’ arms and tell them all about the little trials and triumphs of their day. These parents will never put them to bed again with a goodnight kiss and say ‘sweet dreams, see you in the morning’. Their beds are empty now and their homes will not hear the sound of their innocent laughter anymore, but will resound only with the agonised cries of their mothers and fathers.

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How dare the warmongering monsters we call our governments sanction this!!! Read the names below and tell everyone you know about this crime!! Do not empathise and do nothing! What use is that?? The grieving of Al Skeilbiyyeh do not need your tears – they need your actions!! The names….

1. Marcel Naama. Child. Critical head injury. . Transferred to Hama Hospital and on artificial respiratory machine.

2. Bashar Naama. Child martyr.

3. Ali Mohammad. Child, injured by shrapnel

4. Carmen Adnan. Child, shrapnel injury.

5. Michael Farouh. Child, shrapnel injury, in critical condition

6. Joud Farouh. Child, shrapnel injury

7. George Farouh. Child, shrapnel injury

8. Hala Mkashkash. Adult martyr.

9. Jessica Karajian. Child martyr

10. Suhair Adnan. Child martyr

11. Engi Faisal Razouk. Child martyr.

Our friend, Vanessa Beeley, was in Al Skeilbiyyeh only a couple of weeks ago as Nusra Front terrorists attempted to take the town. She risked her life to bring out her report on that attack as this extract reveals:

Later the same night the attacks intensified considerably, Nusra Front terrorist forces had moved to within 200 meters of the town and we were told to return to where we were staying. The launching of missiles by the NDF was a welcome sound, knowing the proximity of Nusra Front to the civilians of this steadfast and resilient town. One Nusra Front rocket landed less than 10m from where I was staying, according to the soldiers (and the sound of the explosion).

Vanessa writes of today’s sickening killing of the innocent children of that same town:

I cannot express enough rage or grief at the news from the beautiful Syrian Christian town of #AlSkeilbiyyeh a few hours ago. 12th May 2019. (Contd. below):

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The remnants of the NATO-sponsored terrorists still embedded in the countryside of N. #Hama and #Idlib have targeted the Monastery in Al Skeilbiyyeh while children were playing in the courtyard that I have visited many times.

People of the town who have resisted the endless terrorist threats for 8 years had finally begun to relax following the recent #SAA victories in the surrounding countryside. They believed that, finally, they were safe from harm.

This morning 6 children were ripped from life, their innocent, fragile souls were taken into heaven. Why? They are children.. but they are Christian children and this is the violent, savage sectarianism that has been cultivated and sustained by our psychopathic governments in the West.

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These people thought they could finally rest, breathe, now their breath has been taken from their hearts once more and with such brutality. I dont have any words, I dont have anything but a black hole where my heart should be… this is too much, too much for my friends and family in #AlSkeilbiyyeh.

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Yes, they will continue to resist and to stand firm but this is a cruel, cruel blow…. we will never forget, never forgive.

My love and heart is with them. Please pray for them.

Rest in eternal peace sweet angels.. and pray for the recovery of the injured.


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  1. Rhisiart Gwilym

    Absolutely appalling! Shame and damnation on ‘our’ criminal ‘leaders’ for actively causing such scenes! It’s precisely this sort of thing that keeps me, even in old age, an ‘extreme’ radical. Deep respect to Alison and Vanessa.

  2. Rebecca S:

    What really bothers me is the MSM’s obsession with writing articles accusing ‘bashir assad’ of anything and everything, going insane over ‘Yazidi’ genocide but never mentioning one GD word about the genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq (or really the massacres, persecution, ongoing ‘slow’ and not so slow genocides of Christians taking place all over the world, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Burkina Faso!! I mean I just had to google Burkina to get the spelling right, and 1 day ‘4 more parishioners’ killed last Sunday during church services. Entire villages have emptied to get away from the killing there, and I haven’t read ANYTHING about that in the mainstream media. I get to read about some Pakistani immigrant in the US crying cause his kid got slapped up on the school bus by another 7 year old, and islamophobia, and everything is Trump’s fault. I remember Obama talking about ‘religious persecution’ in Syria/Iraq, but the only religion he ever mentioned was Yazidi. This Christian assassination has been happening SINCE DAY ONE in Syria!!!

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