Aboriginal Community Issues Plea For International Assistance Over Forced Vaccination and Forced Detention

The full video of this heartbreaking plea could not be uploaded to my Youtube channel due to my having too many strikes against me for ‘breaching community standards’. In other words, for showing the truth the corporate media is suppressing. A technical hitch is also preventing me from uploading to the BSNews Youtube channel.

The full video can be viewed on Odyssey here.

It’s clear something very serious is going on as reports support the video’s content. (See testimony below re army personnel being traumatised as they’re ordered to take part in the crimes against humanity being perpetrated on the Aboriginal people. There is no excuse. As we know from Nuremberg, the excuse of ‘only following orders’ is not a valid defence. Every individual must engage their own conscience. What is going on in Australia will be coming to you and your family if you don’t stand up and say no!

There are networks of resistance everywhere now, there will be one near you. Join with others or all is lost. Get on Telegram – Wake Up Australia for news from Oz, Covid Red Pills, The Expose, Off Guardian, Robin Monotti+Dr Mike Yeadon+Cory Morningstar channel, World Doctor’s Alliance, Frontline Workers Speak Out, Children’s Health Defence UK.


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