A World On Fire: Western Peoples’ Apathy Must End. A Cri de Coeur From Vanessa Beeley.

Martyrs Day. #Syria

I recently posted an interview I did with a retired schoolteacher in Mesyaf – Ali Habib. Ali called out, not only the governments in the West, but the people. He expressed a growing lack of trust in the people from Europe and he described (very eloquently) the gangsterism and moral bankruptcy in the U.S.

Of course there are some beautiful souls in all these countries who have stood in solidarity with #Syria but there are also many who are still asleep, who don’t realise that these young men and women are dying for us, not only for Syria. What amazes me is the level of defensiveness in the comments – because this man, who has survived a number of attacks by the terrorists – has dared to openly criticise the people in the West for their passive collusion in the pain of his people. I take full responsibility for my government and their crimes – they would not exist without us and in my very humble opinion, we must start to take responsibility for what happens globally during our lifetime. WE are the change we are searching for, not our governments, not our President, not our pseudo-humanitarian NGOs, not the UN, not any institution that is automatically compromised by its sponsors and its establishment backers.

This is not an attack, so please do not interpret it as such. I feel frustrated that even after 8 years of a war in Syria that has decimated its young population and inflicted unimaginable suffering upon the entire country – people are still saying, its not their fault if they are blinded to the reality by the media and their governments. While Yemen bleeds to death, we still close our eyes to our responsibility?

The young men and women who are being honoured in Syria today, should be honoured worldwide. They died for us. Their blood was spilled for us. If they had not defended Syria from the threat of international terrorism, we would be engulfed in the same flames that have ravaged Syria.

Perhaps I am preaching to the converted, in which case forgive me but my heart is torn apart by the suffering I have seen these courageous and honest people endure and I can no longer accept that any of us do not have the ability to research the truth and to speak out, to march in the streets, to scream at our governments to STOP!

In France, the Gilets Jaunes are doing just that. They risk being gassed, blinded, tortured, mutilated to go on the streets to condemn their government, to condemn exploitation of the “little people”, to condemn brutality and savagery.

Gaza is once more under attack. Venezuela is being squeezed until its people are dying.. The world is on fire. How long will we wait before we take the decision to do something, to inform ourselves and to stop looking outside for the solution.

This is a plea from my heart. I am sorry if I offend anyone.

God bless the Syrian people. God bless their martyrs who have given their lives so their loved ones can stay alive. They are dying so we can survive and have the future we dream of.. at least we can hear them when they voice their pain and loss and hold us responsible because we did not do everything in our power to help them.

Thank you.

Originally published (Vanessa Beeley Facebook)


  1. Vanessa may well be speaking to the converted. But some of the converted need to take that step from knowing to action.

    And hopefully there will be many others reading and learning and this piece will provide a prompt for their journey to the truth. Unless people do wake up a little more it won’t just be Syria but all of us suffering for the crimes of our governments. If people in the West knew these faraway wars could blowback on us in a flash, with one escalation say in Idlib, I’m sure there would be lot more interest and concern. The world is on fire – far more dangerous than Europe 1938 in my view.

  2. brian keane

    With you all the way there Vanessa.. Stay Strong and Thank you.

  3. A lot of people just dont care they are blinded with the distractions, others like me just dont know how to change anything.
    I suspect we have already passed the point of no return the propaganda machine is mighty and has been there longer than i have lived.
    I have grown with love in my heart and with an open mind, it pains me to see people or any life suffering even more so when it is needless.
    Your article moved me to express how i feel and maybe it will help.
    Love yourself love others know whats true.

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